Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth The Money?

Should You Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub?


Inflatable hot tubs have certain features that have the ability to put the user at an advantage over going to spas to relax. Apart from the most primary advantage of being able to use it in the confines of your home, there are definitely more than what meets the eye.

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It’s pretty much a jacuzzi tub, and by the rule of the thumb, it is always suggested to buy a size more than that is usually recommended. There are usually three kinds available in the market: 4-person, 6-person and 8-person. The recommendation would be something like this: If you need a hot tub for 6 people, always buy an 8-person tub in order to be comfortably seated.

There are 2 settings for any hot tub: the bubbles (which is pretty noisy-we’ll get back to this later) and the normal relaxing water flow. Rest assured, the comfort capacity is always the given capacity minus two.


Usually, when you go to a spa and take a dip, there are seats to incline yourself comfortably and relax; but this is not possible when it comes to a hot tub. A ground cloth is used to replace those cosy seats, which is directly placed underneath so it doesn’t lead to any unwanted punctures on the inflated area of our tub. However, if you really wanted the comfort of a seat, you could usually just buy it online at a reasonable price. Intex inflatable hot tubs provide you with an imitation of a seat which is given with the usual packaging. These may not be super comfortable for many people, but it can be used if you do not feel like investing in extra accessories after already going down on a couple of hundred dollars from the purchase.


Nevertheless, these tubs are pretty easy to maintain. Several pieces of research also show that a well-maintained good quality tub could be used up to 20 years. The lifetime of an inflatable hot tub is usually between five to twenty years, depending on the make and the maintenance.  Also, all of these tubs come with a standard filtration technique which doesn’t allow any unwanted debris to land up in your water. They also come with a chemical floater to replace the chlorine or bromine tablets that are usually used to maintain the alkalinity of water. Fortunate for those who are allergic to the smell of these chemicals, technology has advanced to the stage where we can use Epsom salts that get dissolved in the water and provide the same functionality. Those saltwater tubs may be expensive but they come with several additional high-end features like a jet massage and hard water treatment system that actually make it work the cost, in the end.


Coming back to our initial issue- the NOISE. While the initial purpose of a spa is to have a relaxing experience with an intimate conversation if possible; but having a noisy motor totally defeats the purpose. According to Wikipedia, loud noises can increase anxiety levels and also cause sleep deprivation. Fortunate for us, the noise produced by these inflatable tubs is quite minimal and not very intrusive. The noisiest operation is inflating the tub, which obviously cannot affect your relaxing mode as you still haven’t gotten into the tub. Alternatively, the bubble massage operation produces a sound similar to that of an air conditioner’s humming; so it should be okay if not soothing at the least.


You can set the temperature to around 104 degrees, which is pretty hot if you ask me. I’m not very sure of the fact that it can be used in winters with a very cool climate, like in Northern England. The hot tubs are designed to endure temperatures up to 40 degrees, but if your tub is exposed to these temperatures, it would freeze and the components inside would be rendered useless. It might definitely cause an immediate malfunction of the tub, but it definitely would decrease its lifetime slowly causing damage significantly. Of course, there are numerous alternatives to this problem like setting up a garage around the hot tub or setting it up in an insulating environment. The fact to notice with these solutions is the draining of the water after it has been used. Installing dehumidifiers is a necessity in these conditions.


On the contrary, the maximum temperature a hot tub will be able to withstand is 140 degrees, which means that you cannot fill the tub exceeding this temperature. The safest way to go about this is to let the inflatable hot tub heat up itself, that is, let the control unit of the tub heat it up. All inflatable tub units are specifically designed to monitor and maintain the temperature at 104 degrees.


It always has to be connected to the power plug. While you keep using power usually, you could also jazz it up a little and throw pool parties using this little equipment you own. You would find the side walls lacking for head and neck support, but you can easily fix these using extra fixtures.


Intex is a brand that is manufacturing some of these products for usage in a spa. They provide headrests, seats and cup holders that can be integrated into the inflatable hot tub. There are universal standards on how these fixtures are built, so they can obviously be integrated into tubs of any make.


Inflatable hot tubs have the capacity to make or break your whole spa experience. These are a few features that can only be listed once you’ve bought them and used it for a certain period of time. Learning from experience is always good as it is better to be safe than sorry. In this case, reading this article beforehand would explicitly indicate all the points that you need to know before making a purchase of the inflatable hot tub. You wouldn’t have to go through the hassles of returning the product in case you’re not satisfied.


Hope this review helps. Good luck with your purchase.







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